The Bedlam Club is an international instrumental cinematic punk jazz band created in Sofia, Bulgaria on the day of the Apocalypse, the 22nd of December 2012.
It’s first iteration was called Ghostnote, it was composed by Tavis Preston (Scotland) on double bass and Samuel Pocreau (France) on keys and clarinet. Both already had played together in another Sofia-based band, Mad Maria.
During summer 2013, the duo was joined by Dmitry Yagodin on drums (Kaka Siara, Reactija, Jezzve); still under the name Ghostnote, the band played their first concert as a trio at the Nishto Podobno festival.
In October 2013, the last member, percussionist Georgi Popov (Bulgaria), joined the ensemble; the last concert as Ghostnote was played at Maze, for the Alarma punk Jazz Fest. The Bedlam Club was officially born.
The name itself means “contained madness”; could be described as a punk band playing retro movie music with a Jazz flair.